Following recent legislation changes regarding personal data protection, and acting on advice given by the Government’s Chief Information Officer, Southwark Cursillo wish to reassure its members (cursillistas) of its legal obligations and guarantees relating to the handling and use of information held on its database.

  • Southwark Cursillo is not a business engaged in commercial transactions, but is a non-profitmaking charity registered with the Charities Commission


  • Southwark Cursillo does not operate a subscription-based membership


  • Southwark Cursillo holds a database of contact details of its members (cursillistas) and interested parties. This is used only to maintain an ongoing link to inform members of Cursillo events and activities, and provide regular news updates


  • Members choose to provide their contact details for the above purposes when they become involved with Cursillo activities.



  • Members can choose a preferred method of communication, or opt to be removed from the database by informing the database officer (see below)


  • Other than to HRMC for the purpose of Gift Aid, Southwark Cursillo does not pass personal details on to any third party under any circumstances


Database Officer:  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Text/Phone: 07890 978291